Corporate Website

Invest in the very best of web design for your Coporate - optimized for Search Engines & Social Media


COMMERCE MINDS has got superior experience in corporate website development and content management systems (CMS). We not only uses top of the line software for managing content like Joomla but we also know what a search engine looks at and what visitors want from the website.

Our Joomla based corporate website management / CMS application provides following features:

  • Perfectly suited to meeting the site’s updating requirements, Joomla CMS provides you the following:
  • Management of the site’s pages of content courtesy of a WYSIWYG component permitting the layout of the text, paragraphs, images, videos, Flash elements, links to other pages or documents (PDF, office, etc...), the creation of tables, layout templates (CSS), etc...
  • Pages can be created without being published immediately or by setting the publication dates (start date and/or end date).
  • Management of the properties and meta-tags of the pages that are useful for search engine listing.
  • Multilingual management of pages, with the possibility of publishing a page either in all linguistic versions or in a particular language.
  • Management of the website’s structure in tree view form, enabling rapid movement between pages. The addition, deletion, copying or moving of a page can be completed in a maximum of one or two stages.
  • Management of page versions (history), with the option of deleting or returning to a previous version of the page. Each version is accompanied by properties such as the version author, the creation date, etc....
  • A search engine internal to the CMS makes it possible to find pages on the basis of search criteria and to access their content rapidly.
  • Management of users, groups (administrators, editors, validators...) and of the permission levels determining the functions authorised for each group.
  • Automatic generation of a site map, directly interfaceable with Google, according to parameters defining, for example, the number of levels to be displayed, etc...

Our team of designers, web developers and Internet marketers works closely with clients to deliver distinctive web solutions. Client's insight into their industry along with our team's expertise, ensure a well-thought-out design that's positively on the mark. Engage our personalized services to benefit from our expertise, like:

  • Mobile Ready Websites for Smartphones, iPads, netbooks,..Large Photographic Backgrounds
  • QR: Quick Response barcode to track site visitors
  • Content Management System to help customer to update website content easily.
  • Strategic marketing-oriented approach and interactive website design for your business
  • Website with Content Management features that allows you to manage the content by yourself without any need to having expertise in a programming language
  • 100s of ready to integrate Extenisons, like: Online Chat, Newsletter Management, E-Ticketing, Dynamics Forms, Surveys, Social Media Integrations, Online Ordering, Online Order
  • Management, Web Analytics, Email Marketing, Blog Marketing and so on.
  • Our exposure in developing websites and CRM solutions for various businesses, worldwide.

We have domain knowledge and experience for Corporate Website Development, Content Management and E-commerce solutions for various businesses including the following:

  • Ad / Media / News Agency Website
  • Car Dealer Website
  • Contracting Company Website
  • Distribution Company Website
  • Fashion Design Website
  • Oil and Gas Company Website
  • Financial Services Website
  • Government Website
  • Health Care Website
  • Hotel Website
  • Insurance Website
  • Manufacturing Industry Website
  • Newspaper Website
  • NGO Website
  • Professional Services Website
  • Real estate Website
  • Religion Website
  • Retail Business Website
  • Trading Company Website
  • Travel and Tourism Website
  • Travel Agency Website
  • Technology Website
  • Telecom Company Website
  • Transportation Company Website

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