Corporate Presentations

corp-presentationsWanna impress your clients & Win your business?
Wanna create an everlasting impression on your target audience?

Our presentations are very successful at grabbing audience attention. It results in higher retention of presented information by viewers when compared to static text and graphics. Following are our presentation offerings:

  • Advertising Agency Presentations
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Marketing Presentations
  • Marketing Collateral kit
  • Exhibition Collateral kit
  • Product Demos
  • CBTs & WBTs
  • Product Walkthrough
  • CD-ROM Publishing
  • Documentaries
  • Content Localization
  • Event Archival
  • Professional Voice-over

PowerPoint Presentations versus Flash Presentations

The two primary types of presentations we create for clients are PowerPoint presentations and Flash presentations. Clients often ask which is best for their purposes. The following information usually helps them choose.

  PowerPoint Presentations Flash Presentations

Slide show

Movie or slide show


Usually 1/2 to 1/4 as much as the equivalent Flash presentation

Usually 2-4 times more than the equivalent PowerPoint presentation


Easy for clients to edit

Can print presentation

Lower cost

Robust animation and interactivity

Secure – cannot be copied, downloaded or edited

Platform compatibility

Small file size


Limited animation and interactivity

Not secure – can be copied and edited

Requires application or PowerPoint presentation viewer

Difficult for clients to edit

Cannot easily print presentation

Production versus Design

In addition to classifying a presentation project as either “PowerPoint” or “Flash”, a presentation can also be defined as either a “design” project or a “production” one. Generally speaking, Flash projects are “design” projects, so the following table only applies to PowerPoint presentations.

  PowerPoint Production PowerPoint Design

Clean and simple

Rich and complex


Usually 1/3 to 1/4 as much as a “Design” presentation

Usually 3-4 times more than a “Production” presentation


Accuracy, rapid turnaround

Creative, custom designs

Graphic design

Minimal or none

Moderate to high


Few or none

Some to many

Animation and multimedia

Minimal or none

Moderate to high

IA staff

Presentation production specialists

Presentation graphic designers

We work within your budget. Our estimates are generally driven by the following factors:

  • Presentation deliverable type: PowerPoint presentation or Flash presentation
  • Presentation project type: presentation design or PowerPoint production
  • Presentation length: number of slides or minutes
  • Presentation services: PowerPoint production, graphic design, editorial, project management
  • Any third party costs: voiceovers, CD duplication, purchased content