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Content Writing for Websites, Articles, Blogs, Newsletters, Press Releases and Copywriting

content-writingWhen you are building an online business, the web content on your site holds a special importance. Content writing for websites is very different from other forms of advertising or product explanation.Content writing can be tricky.

INTERNET AMBASSADORS will ensure that your website’s content has the following recipe for success:

  • Keyword saturation that doesn’t disrupt the readability
  • A deep understanding of what search engines look for
  • Original and engaging content that keeps a customer’s interest
  • Knowledge of the habits and shopping style of online consumers

Content Writing for Website Articles, Press Releases and Copywriting


Articles form the basis of content on any website. Each type of article requires special skills set but the most demanding one is article written specifically for optimizing search engines. Not only these articles have to be relevant, informative and free of grammatical errors, they also have to maintain specific density of keywords. These keywords play a key role in ranking of the site by search engines, too little use or use of irrelevant keywords is as bad as stuffing too many keywords. Both will leave a bad impression and lower rating by the search engine.

Over the years our company has developed a whole network of writers whose expertise are writing for SEO. We offer competitive packages to our business clients and fully understand the importance of articles and SEO for traffic generation. There are many key elements that distinguish us from the rest of the crowd, offering article writing services, on internet, like:

  • We rely on our imagination and hard work, so we don’t use any software for writing articles.
  • All articles are written after complete and thorough research.
  • Our articles are written by professional writers and later proofread by editors.
  • Unlike many other firms we don’t reuse articles, so we handover complete copyrights of articles to our clients.
  • Knowledge of the habits and shopping style of online consumers

Blogs has truly diversified over the years, initially they were merely online journals of individuals but lately they have become one of the most important tools of online marketing.

blog-writing-Though they are cost effective and cheap when compared to other marketing tactics but they require constant attention and vigilance, as a blog with out of date content loses its reputation and visitors. Some apparent advantages of blog writing, which propelled this tool in to getting wide spread acclaim are:

  • Helps in building and promoting brand of an organization
  • Giving a fair idea about market perception through user’s comments
  • Getting timely feedbacks
  • Paving way for online surveys

INTERNET AMBASSADORS offer dynamic and versatile blog writing services that can be tailored to each customer’s needs. Some of the distinguishing features in our blog writing are:

  • Very competitive rates and packages
  • Dynamic team of blog writers; can handle any topic thrown at them
  • Use of simple yet precise language
  • Continuous updates
  • Top notch quality through detailed research

Delivering blogs which can generate a loyal stream of visitors with all the above mentioned attributes need a well planned and choreographed effort, something that we have perfected over the years.