.MOBI Domain Name


Registering a .MOBI domain is a great way to make your business’s presence known on the mobile web.

If you are looking to make your company grow, buying a .MOBI domain could be the next step.

mobile-website.mobi is intuitive, easy to use, and universally recognized, the .mobi domain is your opportunity to reach a worldwide audience with information about yourself, your ideas, or your business on the mobile phone. Search engine performance and whitelisting by network transcoders are just two of the top five reasons why you need a .mobi domain.




 .mobi is emerging as the de facto standard for mobile internet site naming

The mobile Web is growing exponentially, recording 700% growth in the past year. With this growth, however, comes the need for standardization to allow the mobile Web to continue to develop.

.mobi domains are whitelisted by network level transcoders

Designing great mobile sites takes time and effort to get the most out of the limited screen resolution and navigation mechanisms of mobile phones. Having invested money and time in creating your mobile presence, you don't want a third-party transcoder modifying your site ... but this is exactly what happens when you use a non-standard name for your mobile Web site. As a rule, .mobi sites are automatically whitelisted by all network-level transcoders, so you can be sure your site will render as you intended on all mobile devices.

.mobi domains offer better search engine performance

In North America alone, search engine marketing last year was at $12.2 billion and is forecast to grow to $25 billion by 2011. Those numbers show that search engine performance has become crucial to the success of any business. Because every .mobi domain registered gets its own entry in the Internet Zone File -- the files that search engines use to start their crawls -- your site will automatically perform better than any other naming convention. Additionally, search engines detect when searches are being made from mobile devices and prioritize their results accordingly. Because .mobi sites are high quality and made for mobile, they are automatically brought to the top of the mobile search results.

.mobi names are designed for mobile use

Despite having close to one million names registered, the .mobi domain still has a lot of great names available. Having a  short domain name is essential for mobile applications where entering long URLs is cumbersome. This is great news for companies who did not get their first preference .com address. With the mobile Web experiencing year-on-year, three-digit growth (and forecast to continue doing so), creating a memorable mobile presence now represents a huge opportunity for future growth.