Email Continuity & Disaster Recovery


mail-server-redundancyEnsure you don't lose emails during unexpected downtime on your mail server!

Nothing is more embarrassing than losing or bouncing mails if there is a problem with your email server. What you need is mail redundancy service, so if your primary mail server experiences an outage, our server will receive the mail for your domain and hold it for up to ten days, automatically retrying delivery until your mail server returns to service.

Accessible by POP, IMAP or Webmail, as you mail server goes down, users can immediately access a "real time" secure copy of their last 10 or more days of Inbox email using their existing email address and password to login via any secure web browser. Users also have the flexibility to review, reply to, forward, print or download existing email and create new messages.
  • Unlimited mail storage and forwarding on our secondary MX servers
  • Automatic redelivery attempts to primary MX
  • simultaneous POP, IMAP & Webmail for anytime/anywhere access to email
  • automatic restoration of messages to primary system when it comes available
  • secure SSL access via Outlook & Outlook Express
  • secure Webmail access via HTTPS
  • seamless online integration with all primary mail systems
  • same day implementation with no software, hardware or capital investment
  • support for Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm, BlackBerry and most PDA's
  • DNSBL filtering and discarding
  • Backup queuing for unexpected downtime on main MX server for 10 days, store and forward
  • Access to technical support phone line, where experts are ready to help you.
* Recommended Maximum Users also depends on SugarCRM edition.    
The given fees will be charged on Quartely or Yearly cycle basis.