Web Application Testing

Storm your web application with virtual users and evaluate failure points. Our Load Testing and Performance Testing services help you to identify issues before they realize.

We create various scenarios of user activity with an assigned virtual user volume on each scenario. For example, a load test can be created to hit your server with 100 concurrent browsing users that randomly click on links. Then, the load can be increased by 100 users every 10 minutes until the total expected user load of 1,000 users is reached.



The results from the test are presented in real-time charts and graphs showing key metrics over elapsed time:

  • Number of concurrent users
  • Requests per second
  • Average response time
  • Peak response time
  • Error rate percentage
  • Throughput

We prepare many scenarios in a test plan with several steps each. For example, you may have 80% of your traffic browsing products in your catalog, while 15% are making a purchase, and the other 5% are performing admin such as entering records or running reports. We can conduct volume testing on each activity and simulate various types of users moving through your web app.